Beaches and coves

Beaches and coves

One of the main charms of Cabo de Gata are its lovely Beaches and Coves. At Los Escullos, located in the heart of the natural park, you’ll find yourself very close to the best beaches and coves. Most of them are unspoiled beaches without services or supervision, so we advise you to be careful, always carry plenty of water and remove your trash when you leave.

Some beaches and coves are specifically nudists, but nudity is accepted and common in most of them.

We show in this section a small selection of beaches and coves. You can find all the beaches and coves of Cabo de Gata (over 70) in our flat you have below:

Los Escullos. Playa del Arco


Playa del Arco Los Escullos is fine golden sand and is characterized by its spectacular fossil dune. It is ideal for diving, thanks its rocky seabed and posidonia oceanica seagrass forests. On one side of the beach you will see the castle of San Felipe, built on the XVIII century and still in perfect condition. Playa del Arco is located very close to our resort, you can get there in a 15-minutes stroll. It is just 1 km from the Camping.



Genoveses beach is tome of the largest of the natural park, with a length of over 1 kilometer. It is a beach of fine golden sand and has clear, shallow waters, ideal for families with babies and young kids.

You can get by car directly to the beach through the sand road from San Jose. During the summer car access is restricted.

Genoveses beach is approximately 8 Km away from the Camping.



Mónsul Beach is one of the most famous of the Natural Park, with fine sand and a spectacular peak of volcanic rock jutting into the sea. It has been the set of several great movies as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, Lawrence of Arabia, and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen.

You can get by car directly to the beach through the sand road from San Jose. During the summer car access is restricted.

Mónsul beach is approximately 10 Km away from the Camping.

El Playazo de Rodalquilar


The Playazo is a pristine beach with rock formations on the sides and clear waters with great natural wealth funds. In this beach is the castle of San Ramon (S. XVIII).

You can get to Playazo through a concrete path that starts from the road between Las Negras and Rodalquilar. In times of peak traffic jams are frequent, given the limited features of the driveway.

The Playazo is approximately 10 Km away from the Camping.

Cala San Pedro


Cala de San Pedro is a charming beach of fine sand with a ruined castle and a small water fountain. The long path to get there is rewarded with its unbeatable landscape and breathtaking seabeds.

To access the cove you must reach Las Negras, and from there you can walk or drive for a couple of km and walk for other 2 kms. In total it is 4 kms away from Las Negras. There is also a boat service from Las Negras.

Cala de San Pedro is approximately 15 Km away from the Camping.

Playa de Los Muertos


Playa de los Muertos is a long beach of more than 1 km, sandy and deep water. This beach is nationally recognized and gets its name from the number of bodies of shipwrecked sailors dragged to this beach by the currents. Access to Playa de los Muertos is on foot via two paths (with a medium level of difficulty) extending from the road between Aguamarga and Carboneras where you can leave your car in an unguarded parking. It is approximately 32 Km away from the Camping

Playas y Calas junto al Camping de los Escullos, Cabo de Gata