Almeria City

Almeria City

The city of Almeria is just 38 Km away from Los Escullos Resort and Camping, around 40 minutes driving. Here are the main attractions of the city, but do not hesitate to enquire at our reception desk about all the cultural, leisure and culinary offers and events of the city (Museums, Restaurants, Activities, etc…)

Almeria City Center


Puerta Purchena is the focal point of the city of Almeria.

From Puerta Purchena depart the Avenue Paseo de Almería and Obispo Orberá, the shopping streets of the city. Ideal for a relaxing stroll and shopping!

Around the center of Almeria you can find a wide variety of bars and restaurants to enjoy tapas.

In the neighborhood “Cuatro Calles” (literally “Four streets”) the entertainment and nightlife are concentrated: it is the ideal place to go for tapas and drinks.

Visita Almería Ciudad y su centro histórico desde el Camping de los Escullos

Sea Promenade


The Sea Promenade of the city extends for 4 Km, starting from the port of the city up to the University Campus.

The good weather of the city throughout the year makes the boardwalk an ideal area for family outing and to enjoy the broad offer of restaurants, pizzeria, tapas bar, cafés and Ice cream… as well as the famous chiringuitos, typical bars in the very beach where you can enjoy your tapas directly at sand level!

Urban beaches: El Zapillo, Nueva Andalucía and Costacabana.


Visita el Paseo Marítimo de Almería desde el Camping de Los Escullos en Cabo de Gata



The Alcazaba is located in the highest part of the city and offers a spectacular panoramic view of Almeria..

Its construction began in 955 and ended in the eleventh century. Visiting the Alcazaba you will appreciate the developments in civil and military architecture during the Muslim domination in Andalusia, thanks to its walls, gardens, palaces, cisterns, towers and so on.

After the Christian Reconquist, between 1490 and 1534, the Alcazaba was rehabilitated by the Catholic Monarchs and Carlos I. Thus we find in the Alcazaba a castle of Christian architecture.

Visita la Alcazaba de Almería desde el Camping de Los Escullos en Cabo de Gata



The Cathedral of Almeria is located in the old town.

It is a unique example of its kind because it is a cathedral-fortress of the seventeenth century, with gothic buildings and Renaissance facades, built for both worship and defense from the attacks carried out over the city by Barbary pirates.

In the facade of the cathedral onto Cubo Street you can find the Sun of Portocarrero, symbol and emblem of the city.



Visita la Catedral de Almería desde el Camping de Los Escullos en Cabo de Gata

El Cable Inglés


“El Cable Inglés” (Dock or Cargadero of Alquife) is in the Playa de las Almadrabillas, very near the city center.

The structure, built in 1904, reflects the industrial and mining past of the city. “El Cable Inglés” allowed mineral load for shipping, since the elevated structure allowed on the boats unload ore that came by rail via.

” El Cable Inglés” is a major engineering work. Built following the principles of the Eiffel School, it is an example of iron architecture of the early twentieth century.

Visita el Cable Inglés desde el Camping de Los Escullos en Cabo de Gata

Civil War Shelters


The Shelters of Almeria constitute a network of 4 Km of underground tunnels that were used as shelter from the air raids suffered by the city during the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). These galleries, designed by architect Guillermo Langle, are the most important and best preserved in Europe.

The visit to the shelters consists on a path of 1 km, starting next to Puerta Purchena, running under the Paseo, it ends at the Plaza Pablo Cazard. Tours are conducted in small groups, so it is essential to book in advance.

Visita los Refugios de Almería desde el Camping de Los Escullos en Cabo de Gata

Check timetables, guided tours, etc … in the Tourist Office of Almeria. Plaza de la Constitución, 9. Phone: 950 210 538

At our reception we can inform you of all options and alternatives for leisure and culture offered by the city of Almeria.